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Everything Everything — Get to Heaven
Poster Campaign

A visual response to an album for a hypothetical reissue through a series of posters. Designed to encourage the audience to examine the subtext hidden within these seemingly ordinary pop melodies.

Gaza in Crisis
Book Design

Large-format book using the words of Noam Chomsky and Illan Pappé detailing the true horror of the Israel/Palestine conflict. Intended to make a statement that is impossible for the reader to ignore through its physical presence and shocking content.

Ordnance Survey Maps
System Design

Redesign intended to recapture the simplicity of OS maps from the 1970s; removing generic photography. Lines change to reflect the landscape of each region.

NUA Fine Art Degree Show Publication
with Matt Goss

Publication proposal to promote the work of students by letting the pieces speak for itself. 

Group Magazine Design

Dickybird is a modern literary magazine that celebrates life through language; be that fiction, non-fiction or poetry. 

Storehouse Magazine Issue 14
Art direction, editing and design

NUA Student Union’s official magazine. The Issues Issue aimed to explore the turbulent political and cultural climate through the work of students, journalism and interviews.

The Catcher in the Rye
Experience Design

An installation that aims to capture the mental and emotional turmoil of narrator and protagonist Holden Caulfield.